Tiny Gold Leaf Ear Climbers With White Opal


❥ Cute pair of small gold leaf ear climbers with white opal and beads. This set is perfect for gifting to friends and family and wear at any event and occasion.

 COLOR TONE: White Opal Gold Leaf Climber Earrings

 MATERIAL: 14K Gold Filled

 THICKNESS: 20 Gauge

 OPAL SIZE: 3/32 Inch (3mm)

 OPAL COLOR: Fire White


  • Pair of handmade 14k gold filled ear climber earrings.
  • Comfortable, delicate ear climber earrings that fit any occasion, From everyday activities to special celebrations. Your new ear climber earrings will compliment any outfit and setting.
  • LONG LASTING – These climbers will preserve their shine for years to come
  • The jewelry is well-packed and gift-wrapped ready


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