22G Nose Stud Jewlery – Tiny Nose Stud Ball 925 Silver L Shape


♥ Dainty and adorably tiny 1mm ball nose stud jewlery made of 925 silver material. This small nose piercing stud is bent into an l-shape for comfort and stability. It is hypoallergenic and makes the perfect gift for a loved one for any occasion.


♡ Dainty 1mm ball stud size is 22 gauge in wire thickness.


This nose stud piercing jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver material.


 Extremely durable and long-lasting nose stud. Withstands swimming, bathing, exercising, etc.


 Insert gently into desired pierced hole. No need for silicone backing.


 Perfect gift for loved ones. Complements any outfit, event, and occasion.


 Guaranteed customer satisfaction and money back 100%.


    ➛Safe for fresh piercings and healed piercings

    ➛Can be worn everyday

    ➛Easy maintenance

    ➛Arrives ready to be gifted

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Tiny 1mm Ball Nose Stud Jewelry – 925 Sterling Silver

Dainty 1mm Nose Stud Ball Piercing Jewelry

Complements All Outfits, Occasions, and Events

Perfect for Everyday Wear – Non-Tarnish, Safe For All Piercings, Hypoallergenic

All Jewelry Arrives Well-Packed and Gift-Wrapped in Signature Jolliz Design Packaging

Customer Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee

Made With ♡


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