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The Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Your Nose Pierced

Are you planning to get your nose pierced? Go for it! Nose rings are always hip, be it hoops or studs! It may be the best fashion choice you’ve made in a while!

Nose piercing is like a minor surgical procedure, though. And that means you should be careful about it. You must be wary of your skin sensitivities and choose the metal for your first nose accessory very carefully.

Whether you go for the hoop or choose to get a septum piercing, there are some do’s and don’ts of nose piercing that you must know and follow. These are enlisted below.

You must…


  1. Know the health risks

The veins in your nose are connected to the sinus cavity leading up to your brain, and any mishaps could cause an infection.

  • Bleeding: Any piercing will bleed: a septum piercing may bleed more.
  • Allergic reaction: You could be allergic to the metal of the ring.
  1. Research about the metal of the ring

Allergic reactions and extensive bleeding are common when fake or cheap materials are used for the nose ring. Hence, do your research on the type of nose ring you choose.

  1. Get your nose pierced by a professional

Make sure to go to a licensed professional with a safe procedure, i.e., a sterilized needle.

  1. Let your piercing heal

It might be weeks until the soreness, bleeding, or bruising subsides. Smoothly wipe the nose with a salt-absorbing gauze pad. With a fresh paper towel, pat the area dry.


  1. Act on impulse

While piercing your nose spontaneously sounds fun, it can be very risky. Your skin may be allergic to the metal, which can cause further implications. Thus, know your skin conditions and prep carefully for a piercing.

  1. Do it yourself (or by a friend)

Always go to a licensed professional that uses sterilized needles. A rash piercing done by an amateur can cause nerve damage to your nose area.

  1. Use piercing guns

Guns should not be used for cartilage piercings. The gunshot pushes a blunt post through your nose causing scarring.

  1. Fiddle with it

Using your hands to adjust or fix your nose ring will just add to more difficulties due to the germs and bacteria present. Use clean, disinfected hands while touching your nose ring.

The Bottomline

Using safe metals for your nose rings is very important! The right nose ring could save you from the hassle of infections. Jolliz’s Handmade Jewelry offers nose rings made of safe and non-toxic materials that will keep your piercing healthy. Check their website out!

Follow the general Dos and Don’ts of nose piercings. But if you do encounter any complications, please call a piercer or a specialist!

Take care of yourself, and flaunt your favorite nose accessory the way you like. If you’re afraid to get pierced you can use faux nose jewelry, it will solve your problem