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Trendy Faux Nose Jewelry Ideas

Want to wear nose accessories but are scared of piercing? Well, not to worry! Faux jewelry is a new and popular trend for nose accessories. Instead of going through the trouble of piercing your nose, you can wear chic jewelry on your nose safely and easily! Read on to know about the basics and types of faux jewelry, and where you can get them!

faux nose ring

What is faux jewelry?

Faux nose jewelry can be worn anytime and does not require a piercing. The most significant advantage of these kinds of nose rings is that you can easily remove them whenever you choose.

With an actual piercing, you’re supposed to leave the ring in place for weeks as it’s healing, and only take it off briefly so the skin doesn’t heal completely. However, with fake nose jewelry, there won’t be any complications and you can carry it off however you shall please with a fake nose ring.

In addition, if you do want to get a nose piercing, wearing faux nose jewelry will help you see if you can adjust to it.


Guide for Faux Nose Jewelry

Selecting a fake nose ring is just as complicated as selecting the jewelry for a real piercing.

There is no reason to maintain a specific jewelry design or conformation. So, when you wear a fake piece, you can switch it and adjust it for various styles to whatever you prefer the most.


DIY Faux nose rings


One way to wear fake nose accessories is to make them yourself! They are easy to design and create.

If the glue is added to the back of the stone, you should carefully put it on your face, then hold it until it dries. By twisting any wire with a pair of pliers, you will make a hooped piece until it fits the shape that you are looking for. Make sure to take care of yourself!


Nose Studs


The nose stud is the classic look of the pierced nose and one of the best to wear. You can either make your nose ring as we stated above, or you can buy a faux nose stud. Most come in the form of small magnets that will attach to either side of the nose.

Not only are these pieces stunning to wear, but also they can come in any form or size because of the magnet, and are easily attached to your face.


Nose Hoops 

Nose rings do not just include studs, and you may think of a hooped piece to give you the edge you are craving.

The ring with the hooped nose is a cooler with that gives an unmatched attitude to the wearer’s face. Hooped jewelry is also incredibly simple to wear because it grasps all sides of the nostril and holds it in place.

Where can you get Faux Nose Jewelry?

Many sites offer faux jewelry, but it is important you pick a brand that uses safe materials, so you do not have an allergic reaction as well as being stylish and affordable. Jolliz’s Handmade Jewelry has fashionable and beautiful faux accessories! This online store provides many choices, such as silver nose jewelry and gold nose hoops. and you can quickly pick the right one that best fits your preferences and lets you get the perfect look!