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6 Ear Piercing Mistakes To Avoid

Do you want to try something different and unique to add to your personality? Get ear piercing!  It has become a trend. There are different types of piercing; the most common is ear piercing!

However, it would be best if you did things correctly. For that to happen, you should know the dos and don’ts for ear piercing to make sure you avoid those mistakes from happening.

Here, this article will tell you the six likely mistakes you should avoid when getting your ears pierced.

1.    Don’t practice this at home!

Sterility is crucial to avoid infections and skin problems, which are not found in a home environment. Your tools might not be clean, and the needle might not be sterilized. There are other chemicals used other than alcohol to disinfect all diseases and germs.

2.    Don’t touch

The best part of doing aftercare: do nothing. The longer you do nothing, the better it is.

If you touch your ear piercing with dirty hands, you might waste all your healing efforts. Germs might enter your fresh piercing causing all the problems you wished you didn’t get.

3.    Specialist’s advice

Although your family members and friends might be willing to help you guide in the healing process, everybody’s skin is different. You might face a different problem than the other one didn’t.

You should consult your piercer for every problem you face with. Specialists know what to do in different situations.

4.    Do Not Replace

People always think that it is a matter of two weeks, but it is not! You should wait for three weeks minimum to make sure the ear piercing is properly healed.

Colored jewelry is not sterilized properly, which means bacteria and other germs are trapped in them. It might lead to infections and other skin diseases: Lymph. Instead of healing, it might become a disaster. Small and plain earrings are best for you.

5.    Wrong Cleaning Solution

Some people might say: clean it with alcohol while some might say normal water, and some might say saltwater. Don’t listen to what everyone says. Do your research.

The best option for cleaning your ear piercing is normal saline. You should dip saline water into good-quality cotton that doesn’t leave remains.

6.    Low-Quality Earrings

Suppose you wear poor-quality earrings instantly after getting them at a very low price before the healing time. In that case, all the problems are inevitable.


If you want a good piercing that heals in proper time with no complications, then you should try to avoid common piercing mistakes. Hopefully, this article has helped guide you to all the six ear-piercing mistakes you should avoid.