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5 Trendy Styles of Ear Piercing

These days a beautifully jeweled ear is the entire necessary accessory you need to look stylish and unique. Gone are the days when two ear lobe piercing or having a cartilage hoop was enough to prove your individuality. This year ear piercings are having their moment, and now there are many more to choose from. The trends are evolving considerably, and with so many types of piercings being done, choosing from them can become complicated.

To ease the complication of deciding we have compiled a list of 5 trendy looks that can help you narrow down your piercing list. So here are the top trendy ear-piercing styles that every girl should try.

Forward helix piercing

This is a piercing that is done near the root of the helix and sits lower down the ear. Mostly different types of studs are adorned here. The unique placement of the piercing gives it an edge. The good part of the piercing is it heals faster and does not hut that much.


This piercing takes place on the little flap of cartilage on your ear. The piercing looks super edgy and cool with a nice piece of jewelry. Typically different types of studs are worn.

However, the challenging part is that cartilage piercing hurts, and so does this one. This piercing looks great but comes with much pain.


This is a type of piercing you can get at any part of the ear, in this style two piercings are staked together closely, and usually, same jewelry is adorned in them. This recent style has been picked up by many these days and is one of the most asked about look at piercing studios.


This piercing is done on the hoop that hugs the cartilage inside your ear. This is surprisingly one of the most versatile types of piercings and usually suits most people. This type of piercing usually takes six months to heal.

This type of piercing is also rumored to alleviate migraines.

Stacked lobe

If you are scared of the pain and unease that comes with cartilage piercing don’t worry there is a style for you too, that is the stacked lobe. No need to get into cartilage piercing, stack your lobe with multiple piercing and be part of the trend.


Final thought

These are the top 5 styles trending in 2020. However, there are still many other styles that are trending nowadays but before getting any style its best that you talk to your piercer. Many looks might attract you on social media but what will look good on your ear depends on your ear shape and size. So talk to your piercer before trying a new piercing and enjoy your unique ear look. If you liked how you’re looking with ear piercing, you should try nose ring hoops, it will also upgrade your look!