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4 Trendy Nose Piercing Styles for 2022

Everyone has his or her sense of style. Creating a unique statement look is not the easiest, though. However, if there is one safe bet for anyone to play, it’s nose piercings. These are always chic and help create a different look, depending on the type of accessories worn. If you are minimalist, you can choose to go with single-stone studs! And if you’re the funky one, you can show off the dangling hoops or septum rings or whatever you like!

Or if you are the one who wants the in-thing, all you must do is find out what sort of nose accessories are trending and choose your favorite sort of piercing and ring/stud!

One thing to bear in mind is that nose piercing is a sort of a minor surgical procedure. Choose a profession for piercing, and don’t choose a design you can’t carry painlessly.

So, what nose piercing styles are hip in 2022? The top-four list is given below!

1.    Nostril

This piercing is perhaps the most popular and common nose piercing, yet it never goes out of style. Usually, it is pierced right over the crease where your nostril is curving away from your cheek.

Nostril piercings are the most convenient because a wide range of nose accessories can be worn on the nostrils. Styles like studs, L-shaped pins, nostril screws, nose hoops, circular barbells, and captive ball rings all wearable on nostrils and look stylish.

2.    Septum

Septum piercings are the trendiest style of nasal piercing right now. Septum accessories come in various designs too, i.e., captive bead circles, single-stone rings, and round barbells. You’d see many wearing one of the septum rings styles this year. It’s the in-thing!

Septum piercing isn’t always easy to do, however. While these are relatively popular and most piercers would have plenty of practice with them, they require professionalism and good knowledge of where septal cartilage starts and finishes. So, be careful in selecting your piercing service.

3.    Nasallang

The nasallang appears very much the same to most observers as two similarly spaced nostril piercings. It is a tri-nasal piercing that penetrates low on both nostrils as well as the septum.

In certain instances, this piercing is performed with one needle at once. This piercing is complicated to get correct because of its design. Therefore, it can only be done rightly by qualified practitioners. Despite proper aftercare, the nasallang piercing requires a time of 4 to 6 months to recover. And aftercare is vital!

4.    Septril

Septril piercings are a somewhat unusual type of nose piercings in which the half-vertical tip and the septum are pierced. The septril seems to be a very fragile piercing, yet ultimately takes months to heal. Gaging a septum is a time-consuming process. Depending on the condition of the particular septal cartilage, it may be very painful.

This complexity of septril piecing makes the procedure and healing period difficult. For septril piercing, a professional should be consulted as this form of nose piercing is very delicate. On septril piercings, a bent barbell, nose pin, or a thin stud suit well!

The four hottest nose piercing trends of the year are enlisted above, make your choice, and create your own 2022style statement! Be careful with the piercing procedures, though!

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