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4 Rules for Gold Jewelry


Who doesn’t adore gold jewelry? A gleaming and extravagant bit of gold is lovely to the eye and makes a fantastic accessory. Be it a wedding, commemoration, or some other occasion; the stylish jewelry pieces quickly turn heads.

If not to wear it, gold jewelry is also an investment. Numerous individuals purchase gold as an investment and benefit themselves at whatever point when there is an increment in its cost.

There is a consistent progression of shoppers in stores and online. Before you make a gold jewelry purchase, do your research. Read this article to learn the most common rules you need to follow while buying gold jewelry.

1.    Check for its purity/value

When you buy gold jewelry, always check for its purity. Purity is measured in carats or finesse. Pure gold, which is 24 carat, is too soft to be used in jewelry; thus it is usually mixed with other metals. Alloyed gold (14 and 18-carat gold) is stronger and more durable.

Check for the hallmark with the carat value on your gold. It is advisable to buy hallmarked jewelry.

2.    Check its weight

Most gold jewelry is sold by weight, with heavier pieces costing more. Valuable stone like emerald is frequently added to gold adornments, making them heavier. Gem dealers weigh a piece altogether; thus you will end up paying for some gold, which is not there. It is imperative to remember this while buying gold jewelry.

3.   Maintain your jewelry

· Clean regularly

Things that are worn every day like gold wedding rings require standard cleaning and support. It’s normal for these pieces to amass dust, skin oils, and grime from everyday wear.

To clean gold gems, give them a long shower in warm, sudsy water. To dry, use a delicate material that can’t harm and scratch gold jewelry. Let each piece completely dry before wearing it.

· Proper storage

It is ideal to store each piece of gold jewelry in a box with isolated compartments. This will keep your pieces from getting scratched or tangled and will diminish harmful exposure.

4.    Take proper care of your jewelry

The following rule is a continuation of rule 3. Here are some tips for daily care:

Chlorine is bad for gold. It will debilitate your gold adornment’s structure and, in the end, lead to it breaking. Make a point to take your jewelry off before getting into a pool or spa.

While getting ready, put your jewelry on last: cosmetics, scents, and creams can harm your gold.

Take the jewelry off before washing or the soap and water suds can dull the jewelry’s shine


Buying and maintaining gold jewelry isn’t an easy task. Hopefully, this article has guided you on the most common things you need to know about gold jewelry. If you buy gold jewelry, we recommend you buy it as an opal nose ring or cartilage earring!