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Opal Nose Ring – Adding some colors to your life

An Opal nose ring is a colorful way to express yourself.

If you want to get the look of a youthful vibrant girl, perhaps opal nose rings are for you.

Featuring more than 70 different colors, countless shapes, and sizes, the opal can upgrade any jewelry if

used correctly.


Which shape and color suit me best?

The most famous use of opal is In the shape of beads. In their fully drilled form, they can accommodate a delicate gold nose ring and turn it from an ordinary gold hoop into a stunning piece of jewelry!
Blue, pink, green, or white opal beads are used to decorate all precious metals in all kinds of ways, including opal nose rings, opal cartilage hoops, opal earrings, and so on.

The opal is a very strong, long-lasting mineral that can be washed and even polished without damaging the quality of the material, and if made right, can last as long as the gold or silver it is fixed to.
The opal nose ring is especially unique since it is located in the front of the face, allowing you to show this pretty mineral. you can get a 2 mm opal nose hoop for a modest look or wear a 3mm opal nose ring to “make an entrance “!

All nose rings can be made as fake nose rings, allowing you to wear them on your nose without having the nostril pierced and no one can tell the difference. You can choose your favorite metal and opal color and even the option of a fake hoop or a real nose ring.
Most nose rings can be used as other facial piercings such as Opal Helix Hoop, Opal Septum Ring, or Earring Hoops. That way you can match the color of your opal nose ring to different accessories you love to wear like necklaces, scarfs or even glasses’ frame color to get the perfect vivid look you’ve always wanted.