The Beginners Guide to Nose Ring Hoops

Nose rings are becoming increasingly popular as fashion evolves. As the form of jewelry becomes more and more mainstream, many people are curious to find out what different types of nose rings are available. If you’re confused over what type of nose hoop you should pick for your epic piercing, continue reading. This article is for ultimate beginners to know what special kinds of nose loops exist out there.

Did you know there are various kinds of nose ring piercing bands? Different for septum and nostril? If this has gotten you intrigued, read on to find out all about the unique types!

First comes the septum piercing. Go on to find out what types of septum jewelry exist!

Types of septum hoop rings:

Septum Clicker

Such rings are fastened by a straight or curved rod, fixed to a hinge that 'clicks' when shaken.

How to wear: Pull up the little segment before the hinge and slide the ring into your nose. Shift the open segment to the bottom of your nose, and outside the nostril. Snap the hinged segment to meet the edge of the ring, and you’re done!

Seamless Ring

This ring comes in two types: a pivoted ring with a seamless look, and a fragment ring slot pragmatic play with a bit that ultimately comes out after you take out the gems. It is also called the catch, less, or endless hoop.

How to wear: Since this type of hoop has no clasps, you have to twist the ends apart to open or close it. The ends will rest next to each other when you put them in.

Captive Bead Ring

A captive bead ring has a ball between the ends of the ring, like circular barbells. This septum ring does not use threading (beads that screw off the end), so it is more difficult to remove its bead.

How to wear: Pull the bead to the side horizontally while holding the hoop gently. This will open the ring wide, and the bead can pop out. Insert the ring in the piercing, and you can put the bead back using the same process inversely.

Circular Barbell

This septum design takes after a horseshoe and has either balls or spikes at its ends. When it comes to circular barbells type jewelry, you can select the ball's size and width for your ring. These are perfect if you need to stow away your septum jewelry as they flip upwards into your nose and out of sight. Curved barbells are often compared to circular barbells, but those are less rounded.

How to wear: Unscrew the ball from the end of the ring and set it aside. Slide the circular barbell until it is hanging evenly from the piercing, and screw the ball back on tightly.  

But hey what if you don’t have a septum piercing but still want to rock this look so bad?


How to wear a faux septum hoop:

These rings have a circular band shape at both ends of the ring that can sit comfortably on your septum area without any piercing or insertion. All you must do is to "clip them on" between your nostrils.

Now comes the segment for people with nostril piercings!

Types of nostril hoop rings:

Segment hoop rings:

This nose ring has segments positioned at one part of the ring, and another on the other rim's end. This is held together by pressure.

Seamless nose hoops:

Seamless rings have a split through the ring, instead of having beads.

Captive hoop rings:

A bead is placed between the ends of the semi-circular shaped ring to keep it in place.

There you are, that wraps up the different types of septum and nostril hoop jewelry! Hopefully, you found that to be helpful, and the information will help you when you go out to buy your opal nose jewelry and any other nose hoops!