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Sterling Silver Septum Ring

One of the most commonly used materials for septum rings is sterling silver. It is a great option to go for when picking a piece of jewelry and it is completely safe for any kind of piercing, whether it be a nose piercing, or belly button, or cartilage.

What is Sterling Silver?

It is to not be confused with real silver. Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and the other 7.5% makes up for other materials, such as copper. That is why they call it 925 Sterling Silver.

What is the difference between Sterling Silver and Silver?

The difference is that 925 Silver is more durable than silver, lasts longer, and isn’t prone to bending, denting, tarnishing, or damaging like silver, which is why it is used more often for making septum rings.

Another difference between the two is the cost; considering silver is “real”, it usually costs more than sterling silver. But as previously stated, it wouldn’t last as long as sterling silver.

With great care, sterling silver septum rings can keep their shine and color for a very long time.

Septum Rings

Septum rings come in several shapes. You have the option for a simple, round hoop, a circular barbell hoop, a triangular shape, or a horseshoe septum ring. (amongst many others).



Sterling Silver Septum Ring

Sterling Silver Septum Ring


Since jewelry makers must use quite a bit of bending and shaping to create the perfect septum ring shapes listed above, sterling silver is the perfect material to use. Septum rings aren’t like other pieces of jewelry. As previously stated, there are many shapes for septum rings, and crafters must be concise and careful when creating the septum hoops. If using silver, it is much more difficult for them to bend and twist.



Another example of this is the fake septum ring. These pieces require rounding out the end of the hoop wires to create stability when putting on the faux septum ring. Jewelry crafters need to do this carefully to not ruin the entire hoop, but only bend the ends. silver allows for great control and less difficulty for the jewelry makers when creating the perfect sterling silver faux septum ring.


Picking out sterling silver septum rings is a great choice when looking for durability. In terms of appearance, it is not much different from real silver and can last you a lifetime.