Silver Nose Hoop With Black Bead 24G

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Tarnish Resistance

925 Silver Thin Nose Ring With Tiny Black Bead

24G Nose Piercing Ring Black Bead

Hypoallergenic, Lead Free, Nickel Free, and Cadmium Free

Packed and Gift Wrapped Jewelry in Jolliz Signature Design

Well Polished, Easy and Comfortable to Wear Without Sharp Edges

100% Customer Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee

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Category : Piercing Jewelry


Ann Marie

Ordered this a little bit after piercing my nose and swelling went down. Beautiful little nose ring with beads that I was able to adjust.

Teresa Marcum

Well, it’s been a week and the hoop hasn’t twisted, fallen off or poked me. So I’m gonna go with 5 stars. I was pleasantly surprised.


Great product! Would buy again

Kaitlyn Wells

I love this item. It came really quickly and I have received so many compliments on it. It is very lightweight and comfortable and I forget it's even there.

Deb Stier

its pretty comfortable, hasn’t got caught on my hair or anything. it came really quick! like 2 days & it comes with a little plastic bag to put it in!

Green Family

Simply love it

joan mule

I love this hoop. It's large enough to be noticed, but small enough to be connected.

Stephanie burbine

I'm happy fit well ilike it

Chelsea L.

just as described

Cathy B

love it super cute and hasn’t tarnished

Vicki DePalma

Absolutely love!! If I could change one thing,… wished they closed better or different.

Brittany Reeser

Very cute! It’s a bit of a pain to get them off and on though, but if you’re planning on keeping it on all the time it should be fine!

Srinna Reyes

These are absolutely stunning!! They go with literally everything and look very expensive. it’s very hard to get them in if you twist them I told him apart and push them back together. I own four pair of these and I’ve had two of them for over a year.

Felicia B.

Small but cute!


These are beautiful! Gorgeous!! Every-time I wear them I get many compliments.


Price,size and style are great.

shelia roth

Easy to get in

Lana Burke

+ value, very cute, lots of complements!

Joell shields

I tried dozens of nose piercings and they always cause issues. This is so pretty and the most comfortable earring I've tried in years.


Perfect lightweight little earring.. I did not even know I had it in my nose. I never take it off... I sleep with it in also.

Eduardo Gonzalez

wonderful and beautiful. I love


I love this! It's very comfortable, very pretty all around very nice!!

Sirikit M Rhinehart

love this thing. it looks so cute, and for the price it is entirely worth the money. it just opens by your own force and you put it through your hole and then you close it. It is not a screw or anything. For some maybe it wouldn’t work, but I am lovin how simple and easy it is. 10/10 would recommend.


I love it


This may be my most favorite earring that i have had in this piercing and it is MOST DEFINITELY the cheapest! So easy to put on and looks beautiful!... Ive work it for weeks, I dont take it off, and it looks BRAND NEW!

Mary Barranco

this was a great purchase I don't even feel it


I love this nose ring. It is so cute and has the perfect thickness. It is very comfortable and stays in very well. It was a good value for the money, not great but definitely good. I would purchase again if need be.


I love it! I get comments on how cool it is all the time! The opening is on the opposite side of the opal stone. And it’s it’s just a ring with a slit. So I pushed the two ends as close as possible. I thought it would have fallen out my now since nothing holds the two ends together. But it is still staying strong.

Jennifer A. Castano

Great product . The silver looks beautiful

Mel A.

It’s cute like the picture but when I tried to open it , it broke but I’m still using it cause it’s cute.

Taylor Everhart

Absolutely beautiful piercing! I love it!

Camille Johnston

I love this piercing. I get so many compliments on it because of the opal. Also, the quality is amazing, I have showered with this earring on literally every single day and it hasn't turned ugly or lost its shine.

April N.

Finally, no more infected piercing since I started wearing this! That is what makes me happiest about this earring. But then, of course, it is very pretty, and I have received several compliments. So lightweight!!! I. love. it! If you are having irritated nose, look no more!

Jewelliann smith

Ligjt weight. Perfect size comfortable


It fit perfectly. And didnt come loose. Its the best thing I've bought

Heather Thompson



Small but really cute.