14K Gold Fake Nose Piercing Hoop

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Try out a potential new look before you commit to a piercing or enjoy this look whenever you want with a fake nose piercing hoop in gold. Our 14k gold-filled hoop is handmade and easy-to-wear. Buy online!

❥ Multi-functional: use as fake lip, nostril, or septum piercing

❥ Gauge: 20 gauge

❥ Diameter: 5/16″ 8mm

❥100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

❥Arrives gift-wrapped and well packaged

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4 reviews for 14K Gold Fake Nose Piercing Hoop

  1. Jane (store manager)

    Great produt arrived on time , thank you !

  2. Rachel

    That fits me perfectly! Thank you Jolliz, you’re awesome!

  3. Alexa

    Amazing ring. Thank you Jolliz

  4. Lora

    I’ve seached good handmade jewelry a lot. A few days ago, I found Jolliz. They are the best handmade jewelry I’ve seen

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