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Pink Septum Piercing

Pink is the delicate, feminine, calm color of all colors. It is attractive and catches the eye, so why not wear it as a septum ring?

Septum Popularity

Pink Septum Piercing

Septum piercings are becoming more and more common, and they could possibly pass nostril piercings in terms of popularity. One reason for this is that a few years ago, septum jewelry did not have much of a variety of styles. The septum piercing is commonly associated with the “grunge” scene and is mostly worn by men. The options for septum ring styles are very limited and as the amount of people getting septum piercings has been increasing over the years, so has the diversity in septum rings styles, shapes, colors, and sizes.

Today, many women are getting a septum piercing, and what motivates them to do so is the fact that septum piercing jewelry is becoming more included into the fashion industry, especially among Hollywood celebrities. This influence is having a great, positive effect on the piercing industry as well as the piercing jewelry industry.


Pink Septum Piercing Rings

As septum piercings are becoming more common among women, pink jewelry is becoming appreciated and gaining more attention.

Pink Septum Piercing

However, the pink septum ring is still very much underrated.

Who doesn’t like pink?

Pink is the kind of color that will make anything you wear look twice as good, and any food taste twice as delicious. So why not wear pink septum jewelry?

Do not hesitate to buy that pink septum hoop you set your eye on, there is nothing to regret here! If you are searching for something extremely dainty, your best bet is a plain septum hoop. Simple septum rings are suitable for any kind of outing or event, such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Although you may be wearing a plain hoop, the pink is enough to attract all the attention and add beauty to your outfit.

However, some people may prefer something a little bit more… unique. What we, at Jolliz, may recommend to you is a septum ring hoop with a pink opal. This style of septum rings is extremely feminine, eye-catching, and confidence-boosting. Our lab-created pink opals are incredibly shiny, and the shade of pink is a perfect one to suit anyone’s personal taste.

Pink Septum Piercing

Of course, not everyone wants the same thing, which is why Jolliz provides customers with as many options as possible. If you are not looking for something so obvious, pink nose studs are the perfect choice. Check out our store for pink opal septum piercing that come in silver wire, or gold wire.