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Pink Nose Ring

When looking for feminine nose jewelry, you can never go wrong with pink nose rings!

Whether you are looking to match your nose ring to your sexy pink outfit, or simply would like a change and break out of the same, plain silver ring look, a pink hoop is a great choice!

Of course, not all pink hoop nose rings are the same. You can find many options like hot pink, neon pink, light pink, pastel pink, pink opal, bright pink, etc..

pink nose ring

At Jolliz, you can find beautiful pink nose jewelry. We specialize in lab-created opals so finding a stunningly shiny and bright pink opal nose ring isn’t hard!

One piece of pink jewelry that’ll surely make u stand out is our gorgeous gold hot pink nose ring with a hot pink bead! This nose ring is guaranteed to catch the eye of everyone in the room, and you won’t be able to keep up with all the questions like “where did you buy this from?”



A Hot-Seller of ours is a stunning nose ring that comes in silver, rose gold, or gold, and includes a 2mm pink opal and 4 (1mm) gold, rose gold, or silver beads.

*A great thing about our jewelry is that you don’t have to worry about beads or opals moving around because they are securely glued in their spot.

pink nose ring

pink nose ring

This piece of nose jewelry is extremely elegant, dainty, soft, gives off uniqueness and will match any fashion style you want to go for. Of course, our shop contains many other types of pink nose hoops, but we want you to see them for yourself!


One thing about pink nose jewelry is that no matter what skin color, hair color, eye color, or fashion style, this jewelry will always match, even add, to your character and look. Try it!

Pssss.. Looking for something a bit more…simplistic?

Look for our pink nose studs at Jolliz!