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Opal Septum Clicker

Septum piercing jewelry comes in different closure styles, with the clicker being one of the most popular. The reason for this is because the clicker method is efficient and successful at keeping the piece of jewelry intact.

How Do Clickers Work?

They are specifically designed to “click” shut with a bar, and they are the easiest jewelry option to place and remove. Simply grab the hinged

Opal Septum Clicker

segment of the septum clicker, slide it up to meet the other edge of the ring and “snap” or “click” it into place.

White Opal Septum Clicker

A highly sought-after type of septum clicker and ‘best-seller’ is one with white opal. These clickers have an ornate design on the lower part of the jewelry that accentuates and centers the face. The opal part of this jewelry gives off soft shininess and the stunning white color catches the eye from far away.


Usually, septum clickers are made of titanium, stainless steel, or surgical steel. These three materials are regarded as the highest quality and most reliable.

Designs and Size

Opal Septum Clicker

Septum clickers are very diverse in colors, shapes, and sizes. The opal septum clicker 14g is the standard size and its appearance is suitable for all facial types, skin colors, and fashion styles.

They are highly open-ended when it comes to variety and creativity. For example, when you are looking for a blue opal septum or a fire opal septum, you will find endless designs, wire colors, and sizes.

Opal clicker septum rings are great jewelry products and are always a “go-to”. The white opal is an incredibly special and beautiful birthstone

Opal Septum Clicker

and what it signifies is even better:

“White opal is a calming and protective stone, absorbing negative emotions and bringing a sense of peace to an overactive mind.”

There is no reason to wait to buy an opal septum clicker, get one and you will not regret it.