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Opal Nose Piercing

Opal Nose Piercing


Although there are many varieties of nose piercings like hoops and studs, finding a unique piece of nose jewelry that pulls you in is the hard part. At Jolliz, we highly recommend opal nose rings.

About Our Opals

With opals being our specialty, they are created in our lab by some of the best jewelry makers who are working hard every day to provide only the best quality opals for your nose rings. Our opals are shiny and give off beautiful “fiery” colors when you are standing in the light.

Color and Sizes

Opal Nose Piercing

We offer a variety of colors like white, blue, green, pink, purple, and more. This diversity allows you to match any outfit or mood with your nose piercing ring!

Our opals are available in 3mm and 2mm, depending on what you are looking for.

If you decide to go with the 3mm, this is the size that will stand out the most. Size 2mm opal is more on the elegant and dainty side, but do not be fooled by the size, it catches as many eyes as the 3mm opal!

What is an Opal?

It is an extremely unique, diverse, and beautiful birthstone. The opal is considered amorphous, meaning it does not have a specific shape as it could come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Fun Fact

The opal is associated with October, as ruby is associated with July. However, an old legend suggests that anyone that isn’t born in October who wears an opal will receive bad luck!

Are Opals Valuable?

The answer is yes.

You might be surprised to know that the black opal stone can reach $6,000 per carat value, being more expensive than gold and diamonds!  The opal in general is highly prized and often used as a central stone in high-end jewelry.

What Do Opals Symbolize?

Opal Nose Piercing

Opals symbolize hope, purity, and innocence. The stone has also been associated with faithfulness, happiness, and confidence.


So, if you are looking for a beautiful, shiny, dainty, and eye-catching nose ring, head on over to our store and check out our opal nose piercing rings… We guarantee you won’t pick just one!