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Green Nose Hoop

Green Nose Hoop


Some of the most underrated types of nose hoops are green nose rings. Many pierced people are often hesitant to try bright, different colors when it comes to piercing jewelry other than earrings, but when they do end up wearing them, they are surprised to see that they are, in fact, gorgeous on the nose and attract a lot of attention.

50 Shades of Green

Green Nose Hoop

Green nose ring hoops aren’t limited to just a green wire, or even one shade of green. At Jolliz, you can find many styles of nose rings that contain green opal, as well as a simple nose hoop with two shades of green: dark green, and bright green.

Dark green nose rings are not as vibrant as your regular green hoop, making them perfect for people who are looking for a subtle, but still unique green nose ring.

If you are looking for a green that is perfect for the summer season, you can find a lime green nose hoop. This shade is very vibrant and gives off tropical vibes, making it popular among spring breakers and vacationers.

Another similar type of green nose hoop is the neon green nose hoop. This is a much stronger, bolder shade of green for those who are looking to make a fashion statement or are simply bored of minimalistic nose rings.


Green hoop nose rings in general are slowly becoming more popular, as piercing jewelry becomes more open-ended and style diversity is expanding. People are starting to look for nose piercing rings that suit their personality as well as their fashion sense, and green nose hoops are the perfect example and choice.

We, at Jolliz, offer green nose jewelry, with the green opal being a popular type as we specialize in opals. Take a look at our store for beautiful and dainty opal nose rings that come in different sizes, like 2mm and 3mm.

Green Nose Hoop

Green nose rings are extremely special and unique and are perfect for those who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

The spring season is also perfect to be wearing these stunning and shiny nose hoops. In summary, you can never go wrong with green nose hoops!