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Dainty Septum Ring

Dainty Septum Ring: World’s Favorite Piercing


Might not be surprising to know that the “bull nose piercing” has been regarded as the world’s favorite piercing, with 162,000 average monthly searches and the most Instagrammed piercing, coming at almost 2 million hashtags!

Piercings in general are becoming more and more popular and common, but why is everyone loving the septum rings? And is it for you? Read to find out! But before we continue…

What IS a septum piercing?

It is a piercing that goes through that small, fleshy part of your nose between your nostrils, allowing for round ring hoops, or dainty horseshoe septum rings.

You might see many people using a variety of cute septum jewelry, some are plain, and some are unique and decorated. Septum hoops also come in a variety of colors, for example some use silver, gold, black, rose gold, or even rainbow!

There are many options when it comes to the aesthetics of septum rings, but when it comes to getting pierced, there are more important things to consider, such as the gauge (wire thickness) and material, considering some people have sensitivities to certain metals.

What material is right for me?

Knowing what material is suitable for you can be a bit tricky, especially if you are getting your first piercing. You can check with your piercer what material they used for you, and if you end up having an allergic reaction, consider trying other materials. Consulting with a professional is always the best choice!

Septum Piercing Sizes

dainty septum ring silver gold gauge

One of the great things about piercings is the ability to customize sizes in terms of gauges and inner diameters.

When it comes to gauge sizes, the higher the number, the thinner the wire is.  For example, 24 gauge is extremely thin, whereas 16 gauge is extremely thick. The standard gauge size for many piercings is 20 gauge.

Inner diameter is the spacing within the ring hoop from one end to the other. This determines how big the hoop is. For a more snug or “huggie” look, one might go for 6mm or 7mm. However, inner diameter sizing highly depends on one’s personal septum size as well.

Septum Piercing Jewelry: Pick Your Aesthetics

This is the fun part for every pierced person… picking your style!

Septum jewelry come in many different designs, themes, styles, colors, and shapes. Whether you want to go for a minimalistic look, or something that stands out and catches the eye, septum jewelry offers great diversity for all.

A lot of people sometimes choose to go with simple, plain, and dainty septum rings. Others prefer something that has uniqueness and catches the eye. You can find many kinds of piercing jewelry that have opals, beads, charms, shapes, and other materials.

When searching for cute and dainty septum rings at Jolliz, don’t be surprised when you find yourself not being able to pick just one piece!