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Blue Septum Ring

Blue septum rings come in many styles. They may come as blue-wired septum hoops, silver/gold wires with blue gems or beads attached to them. There are many designs for septum hoops and when the septum jewelry includes blue,

it only adds to the charm and character of it. Overall, blue certainly makes a fashion statement.

Blue Septum ring

Blue Opal

The blue opal septum ring is one of the more popular types of septum jewelry due to the color of blue symbolizing calm, peace, freedom, and tranquility. Blue is also the kind of color that stands out to many due to it being one of the bolder colors. Since we communicate by looking at each other’s face, wearing a blue septum ring will certainly draw the opposite person’s attention to you and will keep their focus in


Blue Septum ring

It is definitely a color that draws you in and will make you want to buy more blue piercing rings.

Not all blue septum ring hoops are the same; there are light blue hoops, and there are dark blue hoops. You may even find shiny neon blue septum rings. There are many shades you can find, so it all depends on what you are looking for.

For people who want to find something subtle and not so “out there”, blue opal septum rings are the perfect option. Since the septum wire would be either plain silver, gold, rose gold, or black, the only thing that will stand out is the actual blue opal.

We highly recommend blue septum rings, especially if you are not used to wearing bright or bold colors. Changing up your style is always a great thing and what better way to start than with blue piercing jewelry?

A Different Option

If you are looking for more options other than a simple, blue-wired septum ring, or a blue opal septum hoop, there are many beautiful

Blue Septum ring

septum rings with blue cubic zirconia stones. These are incredibly elegant, shiny, and dainty.

Although they are not as shiny as CZ’s, blue beads are also a cute option for a septum ring. Since not everyone looks for septum jewelry that stands out too much, but still wants something blue, beads provide incredible simplicity. They are very small and comfortable. As they say

sometimes, “less is more”.


In summary, blue septum ring hoops are timeless, fashionable, stylish, and incredibly eye-catching.