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Alome Piercings

Alome Piercings is a successful brand that specializes in selling high-end, quality jewelry. From nose rings to belly button hoops, to necklaces and rings, Alome has it all at extremely comfortable and affordable pricing. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by incredible jewelry crafters who excel at their profession and work hard to provide customers with jewelry that exceeds their expectations. 

What is Available at Alome Piercings?

While all jewelry is available at Alome, we specialize especially in piercing jewelry such as nose rings and nose studs, belly rings, septum hoops, and cartilage studs and earrings.

What Materials are Used?

We use 925 sterling silver and 14k gold-filled materials for our jewelry. 

What Sizes are Available?

Nose rings, septum hoops, and cartilage rings sizes range from 24 gauge being the thinnest to 18 gauge hoops being the thickest. 

Belly button rings range from 20 gauge to 18 gauge. 

Our rings and fidget rings are adjustable to the wearer’s finger size. They are expandable and can be tightened as well. This gives the wearer the choice to wear the ring on any finger they wish.

Toe ring hoops can be adjusted to the wearer’s toe size as well. 

All piercing studs are 22 gauge.

Nose Rings

Alome’s nose rings vary in design, color and shapes. What makes our nose rings special is that all beads and opals are created from scratch in our lab. There are several options for colors such as black nose rings, rose gold nose rings, gold nose hoops, and silver nose hoops. We have plain nose rings for anyone that is looking for something very simple, and decorated nose hoops for a little bit more character and uniqueness. 

Our opal nose rings extremely stand out and are very beloved by our customers due to their daintiness and unisex style. They are available in 2mm and 3mm. Our best-selling opal nose hoop is the 24 gauge silver nose ring with a 2mm white opal. 

Another opal nose piercing ring our customers are loving is the blue opal nose ring. Hammered nose rings (diamond cut wire hoops) are very shiny and available in 925 silver and 14k gold filled. 

Other options for nose piercing jewelry are fake clip on nose rings that are also available in all colors: gold, silver, rose gold, and black. 


Nose Studs

Nose studs at Alome come in so many shapes and styles that you won’t know where to start! As previously stated, everything is made by us, including the shaped nose studs which are made by our laser cutter. Some of these shapes include star nose stud, heart nose stud, butterfly nose pin, infinity nose pin piercing, and crown pin, just to list a few. 

Our customers, today, are loving our nose heart studs which come in a regular shape, and flat heart shape. All our piercing studs are l-shape for stability and non-movement. We have 2 crown nose studs which are available in regular crown style, and another includes a dainty CZ (cubic zirconia). Head over to our store for more options!

Septum Hoops

Dainty septum rings are another type of jewelry Alome customers are loving. You can find real septum hoops and faux septum rings, which are convenient for those who are debating on getting pierced or simply for anyone who wants to try out a specific design. Our septum hoop jewelry is made in sterling silver and 14k gold filled material and can be bought as plain septum hoops or decorated septum rings. Much like our nose rings, they also come in diamond cut wire options and opal septum rings design. 

Belly Ring Hoops

Belly button piercings have been around for decades, indicating that they are certainly not a fad or temporary trend. Cute belly rings can be found in our store in 4 colors such as gold, silver, rose gold, and black. Belly rings come in plain hoops or opal rings as well. 

You can also find dangly belly rings like the one with a dainty white opal and long feather charm in 14k gold filled hoop. 

What Cartilage Piercing Jewelry is Available?

We offer several cartilage piercing hoops and studs such as ear lobe piercing hoops and ear lobe studs, helix piercing rings, conch piercing ring, rook piercing hoop, and tragus studs and tragus hoops.

Cartilage Earrings

Cartilage earrings and studs are beautiful and add uniqueness and beauty to your look, whether you are going for a casual look, edgy look, or elegant style. You can find many designs in our opal helix rings category, which are some of our best-sellers. They are very easy to use as they are “twist closures” for comfort and convenience. Opal helix hoops come in silver and gold filled, with blue opal, pink opal, green opal, and white opal.  

Another option for cartilage piercing rings is dangly helix charms. There are many available options for dangly helix rings such as a helix leaf charm, cartilage feather charm, sea star earring, and animal helix rings.

Freshwater pearl helix earrings are available at Alome as well.


Non-Piercing Jewelry

If you are looking for jewelry for yourself or something to gift to a loved one, we have the perfect selection. Check out our 925 silver necklace with a 5mm fire white opal pendant. This stunning necklace is incredibly elegant and exactly what any woman is looking for. It is perfectly suitable for everyday use as well as special occasions and events. We also have a blue opal necklace. 

Other options regarding this necklace are as follows:

  • 14k rose gold filled necklace with white opal or blue opal.
  • 14k gold filled necklace chain with white opal or blue opal.
  • 925 silver black necklace with white opal or blue opal.

Our opal necklaces arrive in a jewelry gift box.

Bracelets and Rings

Fidget rings are a great anti-anxiety and anti-stress tool. Our opal fidget rings are as efficient as they are fashionable. A great hit at Alome is the 925 silver fidget ring with white opal. 

For fashionable rings, we offer elegant and stunning silver or gold wrap leaf ring with white opal. These cute opal leaf rings wrap around the finger for a stacking ring illusion and make a great addition to your actual stacking ring collection. Another type of ring we have is the classic 925 silver or 14k gold filled round crown opal rings. All our rings are adjustable to the finger and are comfortable for everyday wear and use. 

Lastly, Alome’s collection of bracelets is one that you just cannot miss out on! Check out our opal bracelets; they are very dainty, feminine, and perfect for gifts to loved ones. Another collection we have is the beaded bracelets. 

For more amazing products and gems that were not mentioned here, head over to Alome Piercings to see what the fuss is all about!