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5 Ways to Wear Nose Hoop Jewelry

Fashion savvy or not, almost everyone is into nose piercing. And why not? It has remained one of the hottest style statements over the decades. Be it traditional gemstones or symbols borrowed from pop culture; nose jewelry seems to have something to offer for everyone.

At the turn of this decade, when many Y2K trends are making a comeback, the nose hoops seem to be in vogue too! As a matter of fact, these were never totally off the fashion scene over the last decade.

But it’s 2020 which means, there’s more to the nose hoops than there ever was!

Now, what style of nose hoops should you go for this year? Our top five picks are enlisted below!

Top five designs of nose jewelry:

·       Classic hoops

Nose hoops are part of nose piercing jewelry and the most common types of nose piercing jewelry. Even though some may opt to wear a captive ring or a circular horseshoe barbell, they often refer to such types as nose hoops.

  1. Captive Hoop Nose Rings

A captive hoop nose ring is distinguished by its form in which a bead is added to hold it in place between the ends of the semi-circular shaped ring.

How to wear: Slide the piercing ring in and push the ball into the gap. Keep one hand on the ring steady as you pop the ball through the gap with the other.

  1. Seamless Hoop Nose Rings

Rings do not have beads, as opposed to captive nose rings. They are fastened to the ring via a break in the band.

How to wear: Start by sliding one open end of the hoop into the hole until the bottom of the hoop drops down towards the middle, and the opening lies directly below it. Gently twist and close the ends one to another.

  1. Segment Hoop Nose Rings

These rings have a curved part that can pop out of the band.

How to wear: Using the index finger and thumb on your one hand to catch the section as you hold the bottom of the band. Place the ring through the piercing and put the hoop through the hole softly on one end to balance the bottom of the hole immediately below. Facilitate the section back into the ring by moving to the opposite end of the line.

·       Fishtail nose ring:

A fishtail nose ring helps in customizing the designed for your nose.

·       Nose screw:

Nose screws have a curved shape that makes the nose ring screw fit snugly against your nostril rather than sticking out deeper into your nostril like a nose bone stud.

·       L shaped:

L-shaped nose rings have a shape that appears as an upper case “L,” thus the term “l-shaped.”

·       Nose bone:

Nose bones consist of a plate with one side adornment and a small ball, which is a slightly larger diameter than the other side of the post.

The Bottomline

It’s chic to go hoop-ing in 2020! In addition, there are many different style options too. So, you can choose the one you fancy the most!

All these styles and much more are available at Jolliz’s, a handmade jewelry store with tons of options to offer so that you never run out of new things to try such as nose ring, septum piercing, and cartilage earring!