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20 Gauge Hoop Nose Ring- A Ring of Love and Boldness

Nose rings are versatile with a massive range of styles and materials to choose from. Are you wondering how? Hold on! We will tell you the fundamental reasons behind this scenario.

Wearing a nose ring of an appropriate size makes you quite comfortable and confident. A perfectly sized nose ring can let your body talk and let your eyes impress. A measurement that can fit best is no less than an asset.


The perfection of a nose hoop depends upon selecting the right diameter. And ultimately, this diameter depends on the distance of the piercing from the edge of the nostrils.

Are you finding difficulty understanding the concept? Let me explain further.

This distance varies verily among people; this is why we see a wide variety of markets. For a perfect majestic look, all you have to do is, choose a size that fits you best, and you are all set to rock.

Steps to Determine an Appropriate Diameter:

The thickness of the Nose-Piece:

At the very first, you need to find which size (thickness), or in other words, which gauge you are wearing already. Know that a smaller gauge represents thicker and vice versa.

Inner Diameter:

The second step of finding the best size is determining the inner diameter of the pierced skin. For example, if you choose an 18G piercing, you can feasibly wear 20G studs.

Consider the measurement of seller:

Another straightforward way is to ask the seller directly. You can check considerations and reviews that will be assistive.

20G Nose Hoop – An Elegance that Attracts:

Finding the right diameter can save you from inconvenience. 20G is an elegant nose hoop of the very right size that can fit anyone with ease. A 20G nose ring compatible with up to 0.8mm piercing is a definite stud for your remarkable personality.

Adaptive Diameter – Quickly Adjustable:

Undoubtedly, nose piercing (sometimes can be used as cartilage piercing) is quite adaptable and adjustable as it can fit any size. For instance, if you choose an 18G piercing, you can feasibly wear a 20 gauge nose ring tamed with perfection.

As we said, it’s adaptable, so if you wish to wear any thinner diameter, just drip some drop of Vitamin E or any other oil onto the skin. Wear your ring and just see how magically your piercing adjusts with the gauge. As simple as that!