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18 Gauge Earrings And Piercings

18 Gauge Earrings


Almost everyone has earrings… right?

Earrings are one of the most used types of jewelry, if not the most used. The ear lobe is obviously the most common type of cartilage piercing, but in recent times, more and more people have been getting all sorts of ear piercings such as 18gauge gauge 18 piercing earring earrings helix, tragus, conch, rook, daith, and more.

20 Gauge vs. 18 Gauge Earring

Most people wear an 18 or 20 gauge (0.81) earring, with 18 gauge (1.0mm) being on the thicker side. Many prefer 18 gauge cartilage earrings due to the wire of the hoop being thicker, so it stands out more. In order to be able to wear 18 gauge hoop earrings, you must first be completely sure that your piercing is healed, then you can gently and carefully place in your 18 gauge earring. This will stretch out your piercing slowly. You must clean around the area twice a day and not take out the earring unless it is causing an allergic reaction or infection.


Let’s begin with the Helix. These piercings are located on the upper and outer part of your curved cartilage. There are subcategories of the helix piercing such as the forward helix, double helix, triple helix, and anti-helix. The difference between them is where they are located. 18 gauge earring size is the standard gauge for the helix.

Tragus piercings sit on the little curved piece of cartilage that covers your ear canal. You can wear 16 gauge, 20 gauge, or 18 gauge tragus earrings or studs. This looks great on anyone, and some may even tell you that their tragus piercing helped to relieve of them of their migraines!

18gauge gauge 18 piercing earring earrings

If you are looking for something that catches the eye and want to gain some compliments, get the 18 gauge Conch earring! These thick (but comfortable) earrings are incredibly beautiful and will greatly enhance the aesthetic and appearance of your ear.

Why, might you ask? The conch is located in the center of your outer cartilage, between upper lobe and helix. It is one of the most customizable ear piercings you can get. Since the cartilage area of the conch is thick, getting a big earring (or stud!) is the only and best option.

Getting your cartilage pierced is fun but looking for hoops and studs is even better! There are many options; gold or silver, plain or opal, hoops or studs, thin earring or thick earring… The list never ends.

Our advice to you when picking out a piece of jewelry is to go for the 18 gauge earrings for cartilage.