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101 Guide to Piercing Jewelry

Septum Hoop Rings

Piercings that were not accepted or looked down upon a few years ago are quickly becoming a part of the fashion and beauty scene. For example, septum piercings had a reputation of being mostly worn in the “goth” world, and only recently are they being broken out of that category. Thanks to some celebrities like Zoe Kravitz and Jessica Biel, they have succeeded at making septum rings seem more fresh, modern, and suitable for any fashion and style look. When you take a look at statistics today, the septum piercing has now been regarded as the world’s favorite piercing as well as Instagram’s most hash-tagged!

Septum Jewelry Size and Measurement

One big thing to consider before getting pierced is the gauge. The gauge is the wire thickness of the jewelry you are going to wear and that is something your piercer usually decides according to your septum anatomy.

fake gold septum pink opal

A delicate septum ring usually measures at 24 gauge or 22 gauge, meaning it would be very thin. Some people have a preference for having an extremely thick septum piercing. For that to happen, they must gradually expand and stretch out their pierced skin. Many have been able to reach a 2 gauge septum, which is considered one of the thickest possible. But if you are wondering, yes, there is a thicker gauge! The thickest possible (it has been achieved) is a 0 gauge septum!


When looking for certain materials, sterling silver septum jewelry is quite a common one.  That is because the sterling silver septum ring is very easy to manage and clean, and it is also easier for jewelry makers to use. It is handy for bending and shaping jewelry and safe for wear, so long as you are taking care of it. Many do not know the difference between a sterling silver septum piercing and real silver septum rings. One may think that just because a material is real, it means that they are of higher quality and better for users; but in this case, it is the complete opposite.

The great thing about septum piercings is the fact that there are so many options available in terms of colors, shapes, styles, sizes, and materials. Since in most careers, septum rings are still regarded as “unprofessional”, one advantage to having a septum ring is that you can hide your jewelry when on the job. This can be done by wearing a “septum retainer”, which is a snug horseshoe-shaped ring that can be flipped into the septum flesh.

Aside from sterling silver, the 14k gold septum retainer is a popular choice of material for many, due to its hypoallergenic and pure nature.

Septum Ring Designs

There is an endless amount of options and varieties of designs for septum jewelry, it just depends on what you are looking for. There is plain and simple septum jewelry, and there are very unique ones such as red septum jewelry or the blue septum ring. The simple septum hoops are incredibly easy to find, but the unique ones are quite difficult to decide on. A best-selling type of septum ring design includes an opal such as the opal septum clicker. These styles are very comfortable, convenient, and look great on the nose.

Nose Ring Jewelry

Nose rings are also another popular choice of piercing jewelry, mostly among women and girls. Although in recent years, men have been loving them as well. Nose ring hoops especially contain many different designs and styles, as well as colors and sizes. You can find even crazy designs like the cherry nose ring, which is becoming popular. Not to mention, the classic and timeless nose studs!

Size and Measurement

Regarding the size, the same rule applies to nose rings: the higher the number, the thinner the wire. The 24 gauge nose hoop is the thinnest wire and gives off an extremely elegant, dainty, and “barely there” look. Due to their thinness, 24 gauge nose rings are perfect to wear anywhere, at any time. The standard gauge size for nose hoops is 20 gauge jewelry and nose studs are usually 22 gauge. However, extremely dainty and minimalist nose pins are much preferred and wanted nowadays. The 24 gauge nose stud is the most “barely there” type of piercing jewelry there is, with the exposed ball usually being 1mm or 0.5mm in size. The ball can be made of several materials or metals or can be an opal. The opal nose stud is among the most beloved nose piercing studs due to its uniqueness and shine of the opal. They come in many different colors as well as sizes.

8mm hoop nose ring


Nose Ring Colors

Of course, plain nose rings are always a go-to. They are classic and complement any outfit, event, or occasion. Silver nose rings and gold nose hoops were always the common colors, but now rose gold, black, and rainbow nose ring hoops are having their time to shine. Not to mention, bold colors have their uniqueness and will certainly catch the attention of anyone in your view. For example, the green nose ring is a highly searched kind of nose jewelry, especially around St. Patrick’s Day.

For those who are searching for green nose rings but can’t seem to like any of the options, shades of the color are also available like the lime green nose ring or neon green nose hoop.

Opal Nose Jewelry

There is quite a variety of opal face jewelry such as opal nose studs and opal nose rings. People who look for this type of jewelry, they may be surprised to see how many people search for them. Opal nose rings are very dainty in appearance and look extremely unique and feminine. Since opals come in colors such as white, blue, green, pink, and red, there is no an issue when deciding which to buy. Another non-issue with rings is the fact that you have an option of buying either a 2mm opal or a 3mm opal. Of course, the 2mm opal size is the very dainty and delicate-looking size, whereas the 3mm opal nose hoop is more of a “statement” hoop. A 5mm opal is quite big and not suitable for nose jewelry, but more for bracelets, earrings, or necklaces.

opal nose ring


Although bracelets aren’t piercing jewelry, they are considered timeless and never go out of style. With each fashion trend that takes over every couple of years, the styles and preferences of bracelets change as well. When you look back 20 years ago, the trendy style of bracelets was thick and very colorful. Today, many are into the thin, dainty, delicate, and elegant style of bracelets.

At Jolliz, we offer several styles of this kind of jewelry. You can find opal and bead bracelets with a thin chain, and you can find plain silver bracelets with engraved text on the inner side.

Engraved Bracelets

Our engraved bracelets are perfect gifts for loved ones and depending on which text you choose, you will surely put a smile on their face



Whether you are searching for motivational quotes or simply just texts that remind you of someone special or even life quotes

in general, we have them all. One of our best-sellers is the “beautiful girl you can do hard things”

bracelet. This one is guaranteed to remind you constantly of your strength and ability to achieve anything you set your mind to.

For ones searching for something family-related, we have the “always my mother forever my friend” bracelet, an especially personal piece of jewelry that is very relatable to most people. This bracelet would mean the world to any mother and daughter or son that have a very special and close relationship.


Cartilage Jewelry

Cartilage Earrings

Cartilage piercings are another type of piercing jewelry that just never gets old. People are constantly finding new areas on the ear cartilage to pierce, because why not? The ear is the area where you can get creative with your piercing jewelry the most. To list only a few, the cartilage piercings people are loving are the helix, tragus, ear lobe, conch, and rook.

These are all small piercings, but they make quite the difference regarding your appearance. The ability to get creative with your ear jewelry will certainly add charm and character to your style and look! The opal cartilage hoop is definitely a high-volume searcher on the web. Opals are very fancied due to their shine, bright and bold color, and unique “fire look”. Not to mention, the turquoise cartilage earring is extremely unique and stunning on the ear.

Cartilage Jewelry Size and Material

Cartilage jewelry can be made of several materials which of course determines the price you will pay, but 14k gold-filled hoop earrings and 925 body jewelry hoops are quite common and highly used. They are not luxurious quality, but also not bad quality. They can be easily managed, cleaned, and last a very long time.

Regarding sizing, much like the septum and nose piercings, you can use different inner diameter jewelry and gauges. To put it simply, 22 gauge cartilage earrings are the standard size used for most ear hoop jewelry.

The 22 gauge hoop earrings are the easiest and most comfortable to use, and there are many options and varieties to find this ear jewelry. If you wish to go thicker and wear hoops that are bolder looking and catch more attention, the 18g hoop earring is a perfect choice.

Inner Diameter vs Gauge

Inner diameter is to not be confused with gauge, as gauge is the thickness of the wire and inner diameter is the amount of spacing of the inner hoop from one end to the other. There is no connection between the two so whether you have a 22 gauge cartilage hoop or an 18 gauge hoop, you can wear any ring with any number of inner diameter.

Unlike the gauge, the higher the inner diameter number, the bigger the hoop. For example, 5 mm earrings are quite snug on the helix and do not dangle. An 8mm helix ring hoop is big enough to rest on your cartilage and slightly dangle.

Ear jewelry is very beautiful and the options are open-ended. There is always a new piercing trending and new style of jewelry coming out, so it is always a good choice to get creative and try out every kind of cartilage jewelry to find what you like best. No matter what outfit you are wearing or where you are going, you can customize your cartilage rings and studs to match the occasion!

14k helix hoop

In summary, if there is one thing that has not disappeared since the beginning of mankind, it is jewelry. Throughout history, jewelry of all kinds was worn by women and girls, and even men. No matter what culture you search, you will always find that it plays an important role in culture and expression. So, check out Jolliz for all the styles and colors of piercing jewelry!